TV9 Maharashtra is a Marathi news channel aimed at serving the free-spirited republic of Maharashtra exclusively. It is everything that the State is: open-minded, fearless and bold. TV9 Maharashtra is Maharashtra speaking itself. Within a short span tv9 has become a one-point-reference for Maharashtrians.

TV9 Maharashtra comes from a stable of news channels promoted by the Associated Broadcasting Company (ABC), which is among the fastest growing media companies in India today. Its sister channels include TV9 Gujarat, which has made a splash in that vital state, TV9 Karnataka and TV9 Andhra Pradesh, which are the number one news channels in their respective states. Indiavision, which is the voice of fair and challenging journalism in Kerala, Kolkata TV, which is making waves in Kolkata with breaking news reportage News9 a vibrant English channel from Bangalore.
Wherever ABC has gone, it has electrified the media scene with its journalism of vigour and spirited inquiry. Its channels top news ratings in their areas of operation and figure regularly in the top five of TAM ratings nationwide.

Our standards:
TV9 adheres to exacting standards of professional practice. Our production practices are state-of-the-art with an accent on viewer comprehension. Our staff works on top-draw equipment to produce extremely mobile and dynamic programming. Our newsroom buzz matches the best in the business. We conduct organized mentorship programmes in which all employees’ interests are factored into our plans.

TV9: A Free Conversation of Ideas
TV9 hosts a liberal working atmosphere where ideas are celebrated. We invite all our journalists, regardless of seniority, to come up with ideas, which are taken seriously. We invite them to experiment with form, method and technology. We encourage them to upgrade their skills in any area they desire. TV9 journalists work to a simple credo:

•            get there first
•            ask challenging questions
•            report responsibly

Our response to any idea is to ‘go get’em’.

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