India is a nation in transition. Led by strong and decisive leaders, the country is embracing a throbbing private sector, bounding entrepreneurial spirit, burgeoning middle-class consumers and a digital revolution. These mirror the collective aspiration for a global leadership role for India.

The news media's role is paramount in the context of profound changes that engulf us. This presents exciting opportunities to design new services that thrive at the tri-junction of journalism, technology and presentation.

This emerging landscape actually calls for a reset in the media order. I believe the new paradigm mandates a change in the way both the journalist and the consumer create and consume news.

I believe in challenging the status quo to embrace disruption. Bucking the trend is an imperative. That is the mantra we follow at TV9 Network. It has given us handsome results.

I believe when success is achieved through design, it can be easily replicated. This maxim defines the TV9 transformation story.

TV9 Network is committed to scale up its existing portfolio leveraging innovation to sustain its leadership as the most preferred and trusted media organisation in the country.

In a short span of time TV9 Bharatvarsh has emerged as a leader in the fiercely competitive news television genre dislodging strong and entrenched leaders in the market. Most of our six Indian language TV channels are either leaders or occupy the second spot in the respective markets.

In the digital arena, we are reimaging the digital business being the fastest to reach the 100 million unique visitors mark.

Having achieved the numero uno status in the TV news space, we now dare dream big. We have a dream to replicate such dominance in the world media arena- at least make a good beginning. Two upcoming game changers from the group are two pioneering offerings in the OTT space.

News9 Plus, India’s first and only OTT video news magazine defines future of news. This could well be the road to our international expansion. India misses a voice in the world arena.

Money9, on the other hand possibly will break all ceilings in the digital content landscape. First of its kind multimedia multilanguage personal finance platform, it is all about creating the demand side so that 130 crore citizens of this country can leverage the supply side which seems established now. The platform showcases the importance of money, a subject surprisingly left untouched by the Indian media.

For me, however, the news media business is not only driven by ratings and revenue. At the end of the day, it is also a crucial public service. Driven by the social mandate, TV9 Network aims to create a vibrant platform for the news consumer of the future.

I am a firm believer in the India story and we are now committed to creating a global voice for the country by taking Indian media to foreign shores. View Profile

Barun Das

Barun Das