News9 Plus

The digital descendent of News9 – the Network’s erstwhile popular English news channel out of Bengaluru – News9 Plus will be the world's first subscription-driven, on-demand news product. It will showcase news, narratives, and infotainment content with the depth and gravitas of news magazines and the production qualities and story-telling techniques of OTT platforms.

News is no more about breaking it as it happens every nano-second on social media. It must now adapt to the new, exacting content standards which the binge-watching generation has become accustomed to. News9 Plus will fill the void created by the diminishing footprint of news magazines as well as the migration of English news television audiences to digital media. And it will do it in the only medium the digital native cares about: video.

The World’s First News OTT: News9 Plus will break the screen clutter that news channels have forced on their viewers. It will break away from the 24-hour live news commentary. Rather, a sizable number of special videos that stand the test of time and cater to diverse audience preferences will define its market standing.



Money9 offers India’s first and only OTT content experience to India’s diverse demography on matters of money, that is, related to personal financial inclusion and financial freedom. Money9 is India’s first multi-lingual news and service platform with a sharp focus on matters related to personal finance. Launched in January 2021, Money9 broadcasts video and audio texts in seven languages – English, Hindi, Bangla, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi and Kannada. Money9 is a one-of-its-kind initiative that aims at empowering users on financial well-being. The basic philosophy of Money9 is ‘Financial Freedom, Financial Security and Financial Well Being’. It aims at strengthening the efforts of financial inclusion and wealth creation for all of Indian’s population.