With a work environment that fosters robust journalism and equips professionals with cutting-edge technology, TV9 Network is emerging as an employer of choice, attracting some of the best and sprightliest minds in Indian language television in the country.

With a rapidly expanding network and viewership, TV9 Network offers a vibrant work atmosphere that is both challenging and rewarding. The Network has established a new benchmark on boarding a record 750 people across levels during the last one year.

To reward the employees, the real assets of any organisation, the company has designed a complete people-centric HR policy that not only encourages employees to hone their core competencies but also provides them with a caring and rewarding approach.

As an extension of this core philosophy, while many newsrooms were getting rid of people during the pandemic, TV9 made a number of recruitments, opening up new possibilities amidst gloom. The Network is fast becoming a preferred destination for media talent.