“I believe this is the Indian century. Opportunity doesn’t knock the door twice. As India takes a giant leap forward under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is time for each one of us to act with ownership and accountability. As a nation, we must seize the opportunity with both hands. Our goals are near, not far.”

Barun Das, MD & CEO, TV9 Network (addressing the inaugural TV9 Network What India Thinks Today Global Summit, June 2022)

As a news organisation, the principle of ‘Putting India First’ consists in driving the news that helps in nation-building and advancing the cause of development of India, home to one-sixth of humanity. It portrays the aspirations, achievements and dialogue that go on in every corner of the vast country for the nation to progress as one people. Articulating concerns of the citizens is an integral part of this mission.

TV9 Network keeps the nation at the centre as it immerses itself round-the-clock in the pursuit of truth.

However, TV9 Network eschews the narrow vision and draws strength from the inclusiveness of the land, its people and its philosophy that has embraced diversity more than any other nation through history. The Network is proud to showcase our legacy while embracing all the virtues of modernity that aid the India growth story.

At a micro level, TV9 Network takes pride in proclaiming the India perspective manifest in the National channel newsroom offering. TV9 Bharatvarsh is the only channel to show China as a regional bully and present India’s aspirations for peace and tranquility but from a position of strength.