The character of a company is determined by its leaders. A leader goes far beyond maximising shareholder returns. A leader is supposed to personify the values, morals and purpose of a company, more so in a news organisation that needs to respond to twists and turns in the national and international life with speed which makes instilling core and unshakeable values essential among employees.

Purpose-driven leaders create enlightened employees who eventually align themselves with the vision and values of the company. Employment generation is manifest in the MD & CEO’s Barun Das’s vision as a give-back to society. The social contract of business is dear to his style of leadership. Accordingly, Barun convened an industry-first soul-searching roundtable where he said the media needs to be ready to face questions from the ecosystem to offer course correction and deliver the societal imperative.

In the long-run, raison d'etre or purpose makes or breaks a company. The leaders of TV9 Network virtually live this purpose as they prioritise it over anything else while making decisions for the company. Communicating corporate purpose and values among the employees is a defining feature of TV9 Network. Led by the MD, the senior management is in constant touch with the employees. Decisions taken by the company’s leaders are aligned to this central purpose and belief system and are constantly communicated to the employees.